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Celebrity Kids Celebrate Big for Birthdays

First Birthday Party

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthdays. For parents, we all want to show our kids how much they are loved on that one day each year that is especially for them. However, since celebrities tend to have more money at their disposal, they tend to make... (more...)

Making Your Baby’s First Birthday Special

Congratulations, your kid has made it through year one on earth. Planning something perfect like a first birthday party is an exciting task for a new parent. However, without proper birthday ideas it can dampen the mood of this once in a lifetime affair... (more...)

Tips For Choosing Birthday Party Themes For kids

Tips For Choosing Birthday Party Themes For Kids Part of a good birthday party is a good theme. The theme will affect your birthday party location, decorations, outfits, and even attitude. Everything you do changes based on the theme that you choose.... (more...)


A kid’s birthday party is easier to plan than an adults, because you can let your inner kid out when implementing innovative ideas. However it does need planning in order for you to make it a joyful event for all the kids. Therefore the sooner you... (more...)