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Fun DIY Projects for the Whole Family

Fun DIY Projects for the Whole Family


Craft projects make great family activities that are a fun way for families to spend time doing something constructive together. Family fun is not the only objective, as these ideas for family DIY projects are also a great way to keep the kids busy and entertained during summer holidays and winter breaks.

Here are some ideas for kid’s projects that the whole family can enjoy.


Family Tree of Hands


Take a large piece of art paper and paint a tree trunk on it with tree limbs spreading out. Then each member of the family can choose their own color and place their hand-print on the end of one of the tree limbs. Each branch of the tree represents a branch in your own family, with each hand-print carrying the name of a family member. This project can also make a great keepsake and decoration by framing it and mounting it somewhere it can be remembered forever.


Vacation Scrapbook


The best part of a great family vacation is all the cherished memories that the family carries from their adventure together. You can create a living memory of any vacation by creating a scrapbook of your fondest moments together. You can each display your favorite parts of the vacation by choosing pictures and souvenirs that capture these moments, and then putting them into the scrapbook with a description of how they make you feel. All this project takes is a large scrapbook from an art store and some standard scrapbooking supplies, such as scissors, glue and ink. Scrapbooks also make great decorations, so that your family and visitors can enjoy your greatest vacation moments far into the future.


Family Bird Feeder


One of the simplest ways to share your love of nature with your family is to have your kids help to build and mount a bird feeder for your yard. While this bird feeder is simple enough for the kids to help, it does require some adult supervision to make sure it turns out right.


You will need:


  • Plastic plate


  • Plastic bowl


  • 10 inch bolt


  • 3 nuts and washers that fit the bolt



  • Drill


  • Nylon cord


  • Glue


Start by drilling holes into the middles of the bowl and plate. Then connect the plate and bowl together through the holes by using the bolt, washers and nuts. Make sure the plate is facing down so that it acts as a roof for the bird feeder. The bowl is facing up so that it can hold the bird seed and so that the birds can sit inside it while they eat. Finally attach the nylon cord to the bolt using glue, so that you can hang the bird feeder somewhere that the whole family can enjoy watching the little birds come and eat.


Bow-Tie Pasta Barrettes


You can turn bow-tie pasta into fun wearable art with barrettes and a little paint. Have your kids choose their favorite color for their barrettes, and then paint the pasta using their color of choice. You can add a topcoat of nail varnish once the paint has dried to keep the paint from chipping off. You then finish the homemade personal barrettes by gluing the painted pasta onto the backing of a barrette bought from a craft or discount store. You can easily make matching pairs of barrettes for extra fun and cuteness.


Wind chime of Tins Cans


This fantastic DIY project creates both beautiful art and delightful music. All it takes is tin cans that would end up in your recycling bin anyway. Soak the labels off overnight, and then clean the cans inside and out using warm, soapy water. Everyone in the family can paint their own can how they like, which makes for a full family contribution to this artwork. Once they are dried, use a hammer and nail to make a hole in the middle of the can lid. Use a string knotted on one end to attach the cans together. The cans can hang at different lengths, so that they bang together at different times in the wind.


Sandbox Inside


Don’t worry, this isn’t actually sand that will fill your house, but a simulated sandbox that will be just as much fun. Fill up a tub or outdoor children’s pool with colored pasta and rice. Throw in all the usual sandbox toys, such as shovels and scoops. This great DIY project lets the kids play inside when it is too wet or cold outside, and lets them have fun building something neat and exciting with their parents.


The Value of DIY Projects with Your Family


Making exciting and fun DIY projects with your children will help teach them a few valuable lessons. These projects teach them that there are many ways that your family can spend valuable family time together without any modern electronics. These projects also get their creative side going, and teaches them how to let their imagination make the most of the world around them.

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