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Making Your Baby’s First Birthday Special

birthday party for kids

Congratulations, your kid has made it through year one on earth. Planning something perfect like a first birthday party is an exciting task for a new parent. However, without proper birthday ideas it can dampen the mood of this once in a lifetime affair in the end.

Most new parents are stuck on where to start with the party planning, and we have some great ideas on how to go about such a party.


Some of the best options for your birthday party venue can be your community center, a kid’s indoor playground or a theme packed kid’s play location if your home is too small for your intended guests. Also having your birthday party at a venue will reduce your overall stress about clean up and activities.

If the weather is nice, consider a park or a zoo, or even your local pool.



First Birthday Party

Inviting your close friends and family to your birthday party is important. Your baby’s social connection in the first year is somehow limited as she or he is new to the world and strange faces.

Make sure to invite everyone who you child will grow to know and love. Also it is important to invite other children. When your child see’s other kids playing, he/or she will become exited and ready to join in on the party activates.


It is vital to get the timing correct for such a party. At the age of one, the child is prone to sleeping during the day, so do not dampen the party by getting the child up, when she or he is supposed to be resting. Keep the party within your time frame to give the child enough time to sleep.


Theme and Decorations

At this age, the theme may not be of much importance to the baby. However, if you want to show your child pictures of her first birthday party in later years, you can aim for a color-coordinated look.

Themes and decorations come out great in videos too. You only have to create a balance with the color combinations, to bring out a refined edge to the party. Your baby will thank you later in life.


Play Activities

Most children at this age are on fours, hence the need to have baby-proof play zones. Additionally, you will need to have age appropriate toys for his or her other little guests.

Avoid loud bangs from busting balloons and party poppers, to prevent frightening babies and their little guests. Additionally, they are choking hazards to kids at this age.

Engage the baby in peek-a-boo games and finding hidden gifts and toys under a cloth. Opening the gifts with the child is far much fun, as she or he will play with the wrapping papers.


pizza for birthday party

Perhaps an important consideration in such a party is the menu. Consider those who will attend, whether it will be mostly adults or kids of all ages. Do not forget to have your child’s favorite food on hand.

Notify your guests beforehand on what you will be serving as a full meal, if any, or just snacks and birthday cake, to prepare them in advance, before getting to the party. Counter check if any of the guests has eating restrictions or food allergies.

Meals and snacks that are healthy must be a priority. Some babies may have quite a few teeth enabling them to bite into food. Some may still be toothless. Be sure to cater for both extremes.

For children guests, serve things like mini grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken fingers or single-serve boxes of raisins. For adults, try sandwiches, wraps and veggies with dip.

No party is complete without a birthday cake. You can bake one, or choose from a variety at the local bakery. Do not let the baby near the candle. She will most likely want to grab, not blow, it.





Children in this age enjoy gifts that make noises and have flashlights. Flashing toys, shoes, as well as action hero costumes, can be excellent gifts. Trolleys to help your kid with walking are also great presents.

No matter how you have or where your child’s first birthday party is located be sure to have a great time and make memories that will last forever!

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